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Learn what food ingredients flare inflammation & the best arthritis friendly snack options ALL IN ONE PLACE

the guide on how to keep your arthritic joints happy With Quick, Convenient Snack foods because snack foods can be sneaky contributors to inflammation 

You know salmon, chicken, fruits and vegetables are some foods with amazing 
anti- inflammatory benefits, but what if you just need something on the go?? How do you know which snacks to eat and which to stay away from?

Snacks can be some of the trickiest foods when it comes to following an anti-inflammatory way of eating. But sometimes you just need something quick and easy....

You may think you are eating healthy with snacks like Skinny POP Popcorn, Zone Perfect Protein Bars, and Veggie Straws...but they can actually be flaring up your joint pain 😳

The problem is...

Our society and food packaging has made snacks like these seem "healthy" but instead, almost all of these are hiding inflammatory and detrimental ingredients. 

Without knowing, you could be working so hard to eat "healthy" but as it turns out that eating "sugar free" foods and even some "organic" foods still contain harmful ingredients that could be preventing your progress towards arthritis relief....

Although movement is one of the most incredibly important aspects of osteoarthritis relief, if you aren't controlling inflammation from other avenues, you may not be maximizing your efforts of strength building and pain relief.
inflammatory foods guide
But, Now it's so easy to find out which foods your joints like!
No more wasting time reading through TONS of articles that are leading you in the wrong direction.

Now it's finally time to learn how to control inflammation so you can spend more time adventuring.

Food can be a powerful remedy for osteoarthritis but I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be. Even if you think you are eating healthy, there are LOTS of inflammatory ingredients hiding in even "healthy" foods! 

Many times, eating the wrong foods can continue to flare up the pain you are trying to get rid of. 

Common claims like "sugar free", "Non-GMO", "and even "Organic" don't automatically mean healthy...actually, in certain cases, these products can be quite the opposite

But this isn't your fault. Advertising can be very tricky. 

I created this guide because I want you to have the resources to take care of your joints. 

I've made it super simple for you to learn exactly what ingredients you should watch out for as well as an extensive list of specific brands that passed the ingredient test! 

You'll learn the best protein powders, greek yogurts, protein bars, collagen and other snacks that can help you to unlock the active lifestyle that you have been dreaming about. 

inflammatory foods list pdf and snack guide

✨ Introducing the Guide to Keeping Your Joints Happy With Food ✨

What you'll learn in this downloadable guide:

  • Exactly which food ingredients can cause problems in your joints 😬
  • ​​The good ingredients that your joints won't freak out over 😁
  • ​Analysis of some of the top snack food brands 
  • ​How to EASILY read a food label and find the red flags in seconds 🚩


  • ​The BEST protein powders + the ones you should think twice about
  • ​The BEST protein bars + the ones you should think twice about 
  • ​The BEST greek yogurts + the ones you should think twice about
  • ​The BEST collagen powders per the research

AND the best part!

  • List of 31 Arthritis Friendly snacks so you don't derail your progress with SmartPop, Veggie Straws, and other deceiving snacks (both have inflammatory oils as their SECOND ingredient)

You can easily print this guide and take it with you to the store to make your shopping a breeze! 

Are you feeling any of these?

"I try to eat healthy but I keep reading conflicting information..."

I have weeded through the information that is out there, dove into the research, and consulted quality resources to find the best, most up to date information for you. By understanding more about each of these ingredients you can start catching them on auto-pilot, making shopping and cooking so much easier.

"After months of trying to eat clean, I still have weight to lose and my joints still hurt!"

So many foods appear healthy on the outside...Despite your efforts, you may be consuming certain foods that are driving inflammation and insulin resistance without even knowing! These can curb weight loss efforts and prevent a break through of joint pain. This list can help set you straight on a path to success!

"I am trying to control my inflammation but I need convenient snack options when I'm working or traveling"

I get it, we all get busy and sometimes the food we eat is out of convenience. There are ways to control inflammation even when in a time crunch if you are prepared. This guide will prep you with the right knowledge to make finding arthritis friendly snacks easy and convenient

This guide IS for you if:

  • You are looking for a simple way to know if what you're eating is increasing or decreasing inflammation 
  • ​You are serious about finding osteoarthritis relief 
  • ​You want to learn how to quickly read nutrition labels 

This guide is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a specific meal plan. This guide does not include meal plans or detailed meal planning.
  • ​You are looking for personalized nutrition advice for your own situation. This guide is general advice to help you understand what to look for on labels and in foods based on ingredients.
This is a product of hours of research so you don't have to weed through ALL the information out there.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated. This guide lays out the framework you need to understand which foods are inflammatory and which may not be in seconds.

This inflammatory foods and snack guide is worth over $850 😱

>> It can be yours today for ONLY $15 <<

For the price of a one restaurant meal, you could set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy choices

Are you ready to start controlling inflammation so you can continue 
to be active despite osteoarthritis? Let's do this.


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inflammatory foods list pdf

Hi! I'm Alyssa!

 I am a doctor of physical therapy and an osteoarthritis specialist. I almost exclusively work with clients all around the world who have knee, hip and back osteoarthritis who want to continue to lead an active lifestyle.

After working with and talking to people with varying severities of osteoarthritis- I have learned that the traditional healthcare systems fails so many when it comes to arthritis. Many have no idea what their options are nor where to turn to find hope. 

After lots of discussions with nutrition experts, hours of research, and a passion for filling the gaps that patients with osteoarthritis just aren't getting from the medical system, I created this guide to make healthy foods simple for you. 

Although I am not a registered dietitian, I take my own eating and health very seriously. I kept receiving so many questions about snack foods in particular, I decided to dive into hours of research from quality sources and hours of interviews with experts to give you this information in the best and simplest way possible. 

Food is such a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to find arthritis pain relief that is often glazed over in appointments with the simple advice just to "lose weight". It's time to make reading nutrition labels and being aware of what you are putting in your body! 
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