Need fresh ideas on how to help your patients get back to adventure with knee osteoarthritis?
In this Knee Osteoarthritis Continuing Education course, you'll learn how to implement the most impactful, evidenced-based aspects of assessment and treatment for your patients and/or clients!

Course is pre-approved for 5 CEUs for physical therapists & physical therapist assistants in select states!
See details below in Frequently Asked Questions.

Alyssa Kuhn, PT, DPT
Founder of Keep the Adventure Alive
Hi! My name is Alyssa and I'm a physical therapist and entrepreneur who set out on a mission to help people adventure with osteoarthritis. 

I get it, chronic pain can be complicated. Add in an osteoarthritis diagnosis and patients can be left scared, confused, and stuck. The doom and gloom can become overwhelming and all of a sudden- they are fearful of movement.

As health and fitness professionals we have an opportunity to change the lives of our patients/clients. After taking a deep dive into the world of osteoarthritis and treating countless patients- I realized there are some large gaps in the way healthcare approaches osteoarthritis management. These gaps can negatively impact the lives of those with the condition. 

With a few simple principles and a perspective honing in on hope and adventure- I have helped so many patients open doors they never thought they could. Whether they are "bone on bone", have failed physical therapy prior, or are lost in their journey to relief- this course shares the intricate details I have learned along the way.

Learn how to create raving fans and help your patients find life changing results with knee osteoarthritis!

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knee osteoarthritis physical therapy
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Introducing the "Knee Arthritis Adventure Blueprint: Clinician Edition" continuing education course!
I created this course to offer another perspective on how to approach and address deficits related to knee osteoarthritis. Education is incredibly important as research tells us over and over again. But certain words, strategies, and movements can actually induce more fear in your patients...

Success with patients with knee osteoarthritis is so much more than a home exercise program and this course will give you some new ideas!  

What's Included:

5 video modules detailing the topics below 👇

providing hope knee osteoarthritis

Duration- 1:04:11

One of the most influential aspects of treatment comes in education and patient self confidence. You'll learn how to assess confidence and the best ways to approach osteoarthritis education to the tough questions.
knee osteoarthritis continuing eduation

Duration- 52:05

Gain a new perspective on assessing functional deficits in those with knee OA and also how to structure goals to facilitate success. 
knee arthritis continuing education

Combined duration- 2:08:44

Meet three common patient scenarios that detail multiple comorbidities, return to running, obesity, and other factors that can influence a structured program for patients with knee OA

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A bonus interview with fellow DPT on other ways to address chronic pain & how to talk to your patients about it 

Patient/Client education handout to easily conceptualize what is contributing to osteoarthritis pain ($100 value)

Access to the best evidenced based outcome measures for those with knee OA to test strength, balance, power, and stair climbing ability in an easy to use format 

A Movement Assessment checklist I personally use with my patients and wellness clients- to give you new ideas ($150 value)

A complete 4 week sample plan of care with video exercise instruction to help ease your patient into exercise ($400 value)

Access to all of this, at no extra cost
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knee arthritis continuing education
PTs and PTAs in select states eligible for 5 CEUs, learn more in FAQs below

Results like this are possible for your patients/clients!

The Knee Arthritis Adventure Blueprint: Clinician Edition will help you:

  • Talk to your patients about "bone on bone" knees and other knee OA topics 
  • Improve your patient/client's self confidence which can open doors to adventure 
  • Facilitate hope and optimism to alter their beliefs about OA
  • ​Learn different approaches to assessing strength, balance, and muscle power
  • ​Craft an exercise program patients will want to do
  • ​Learn how to give your patients the right tools to maximize pain relief

What can I expect to learn in this course?

Step One: Providing Hope and Fueling Self Efficacy
1. Understand the patient experience prior to meeting you to direct patient education
2. Define self efficacy and its effect on function in patients with knee osteoarthritis
3. Learn a novel way to describe osteoarthritis to patients to help improve adherence
4. Discover 3 ways to facilitate hope in patients with knee osteoarthritis
5. Learn a novel approach to goal setting to improve success

Step Two: Goals and Assessment
6. Understand which outcome measures are the most appropriate for patients with knee osteoarthritis
7. Introduce a movement checklist to guide an initial evaluation/session to help guide you to functional impairments
8. Learn how to structure the first session to maximize patient outcomes

Step Three: Patient Cases (3)
In each patient case:
9. Apply principles of strength and mobility training and considerations for co-morbidities and patient goals
10. Learn how to appropriately modify exercises and choose movements to increase patient adherence

Frequently Asked Questions

Read before purchasing ⚠️

If I am a physical therapist or physical therapist assisstant, can I get continuing education credit for this course?

Yes! This course is approved for 5 CEUS for PT/PTAs in Utah and Florida

Each of these states are also approved through reciprocity: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

If your state is not listed, you can submit to your state for individual approval upon completion.
Who can take this course?
Although this course is only approved for CEUs for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, anyone can take this course. 

This course would be appropriate for those who treat patients/clients with knee osteoarthritis and/or care for loved ones with knee osteoarthritis such as occupational therapists, personal trainers, fitness professionals, nurses and other clinicians.
Is this course primarily online? 
Yes, this course is 100% online. The videos are hosted via private links on youtube and all documents are delivered electronically. You will gain access to the platform after purchasing.
How long will I have access to this course once I purchase?
You will have lifelong access to this course with the username and password you create once purchased. You can watch and re-watch videos as often as you like. Re-distribution and sharing of these videos is not allowed. Only the person who has purchased the course is eligible for CEUs for up to 6 months after purchase date.
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