Dr. Alyssa Kuhn

How To Control Arthritis Pain Naturally Without Taking More Medications Or Going Under The Knife For Surgery 

Learn how to FINALLY unlock a life that arthritis does not dictate

If you're ready to finally regain your confidence, click to watch this video!

Despite knee, hip, and/or back osteoarthritis, you will be able to...

  • Discover the possibility of returning to your active self
  • ​Understand how you can live the BEST way possible with arthritis
  • Increase your confidence to lead your arthritis adventure
  • ​Continue to avoid surgery while living a life you love

Does this situation sound familiar?

You begin to notice joint pain but try to brush it off. 
Until finally it gets worse enough that it needs some attention.

After hours and hours searching on the internet, your questions 
remain unanswered about your pesky joint pain that doesn't seem to go away🤦🏻‍♀️ 

There is so much information out there, you don't even know what to believe.

Now you start to become scared, what if this is something serious?!

You finally head to see someone about your joint pain.

You're told you have arthritis. WHAT? 😲

Oh my goodness...is my life over?! 
Will I ever be able to move again without pain?

You're told, surgery is simply inevitable 😩 

Now, left feeling hopeless, you feel like you are just playing a waiting game 
until the "perfect" time for surgery comes. 

Until you realize...there really is no "perfect" time. 

You feel like you will do anything to put it off because surgery is scary! 😱

Now you begin trying everything under the sun that claims to bring arthritis relief 
from supplements to pills to creams to fancy exercise gadgets. 
You try some if not all but the pain STILL comes back. 
You can only seem to find short term pain relief. You want something that LASTS 🙏🏻

But is it really possible to avoid surgery?

The TRUTH is..

Knee, hip, and back osteoarthritis pain relief is 
absolutely achievable without risky surgeries. 

Not only can you find pain relief but you 
can take it one step further. 
You can THRIVE.

Running, mountain biking, walking on the sand at the beach, hiking, 
playing sports, traveling with family, playing with grandchildren, 
and even simply going up and down the stairs ARE POSSIBLE.

Don't believe me? Listen to this inspiring journey!

The truth is in a matter of weeks with the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint Methodology, 
you can unlock these possibilities. 

You can finally feel what it is like to live a life that is not dictated by pain. 

You can finally walk normally. 

You can finally feel confident in your future.

Not sure if this will work for you? Check out these stories of people who have overcome 
knee, hip, and/or back osteoarthritis pain and finally were able to achieve great adventures! 

This is the power of the 
Arthritis Adventure Blueprint

He was dealing with low back pain and spasms for years that were becoming very limiting through the work day. Staring at an MRI pointing out various disc bulges and spinal stenosis, he was ready to make a change that didn't involve surgery.

Now he is swinging 35lb kettlebells, golf clubs, and enjoying hikes with his family again!
She began experiencing symptoms of knee osteoarthritis but was not going to let it stop her. Her primary goal was getting back to running but knee pain was standing in her way. She was unsure if it would even be possible from what she had heard and read.

She is on her way to get back to running with a fresh perspective on her knee arthritis!
With a long history of back pain and recent appearance of knee pain- he wasn't ready to give up his active lifestyle. This pain just kept coming back! He wanted to make sure knee pain wasn't going to get in the way of house renovations, running, hiking, and enjoying life.

He was able to regain hope and confidence. He now is back to loving hikes, running, and doing construction work without having to worry about his pain.

"But what if my joint is bone on bone and my cartilage is gone?!"

Learn about Kristin's powerful journey from severe pain to reductions 
in both medication and pain levels! 

Here is what Terri, another member of the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint, 
had to say when it came to getting on the right path for 
her arthritis adventure with her bone on bone knee arthritis: 


The Arthritis Adventure Blueprint

A EXCLUSIVE online course that will show you the step-by-step 
process on how to get on the right path to tackle arthritis pain 
once and for all. 

This Blueprint will help you replace fear with confidence, 
frustration with hope, and weakness for strength. 

arthritis adventure blueprint
This course is packed with videos detailing each step along the 
way along with interactive handouts, and other 
resources to keep you accountable! It can easily be accessed 
by phone or computer, wherever you are.

Not super tech-savvy? Fear not, it is very easy to set up with minimal steps. 
Plus I'm here for support! 

The Arthritis Adventure Blueprint helps you:

  • Eliminate the frustration of failed pain relieving techniques that only last for a few days. You will be equipped with resources that bring you long term pain relief!
  • Go at your own pace with pre-recorded videos with me, each step of the way 
  •  Learn easy to follow instructions that bring results instead of being told just "lose weight and exercise"
  • ​Become an arthritis adventurer so you can go from hopeless to hopeful- walking, hiking, climbing stairs, and living your life how YOU want to live it.
  • ​SHARE your wins in our supportive Arthritis Adventurer community with people working towards similar goals!

What does the Arthritis Adventure 
Blueprint Online Course include?

4 In-depth Video Modules led by me, Dr. Alyssa Kuhn. I'm a physical therapist and arthritis specialist. After years of experience helping people all around the world find their adventures with arthritis, 
it's your turn now!

(Over $1500 of value)
Module #1 - Learn more about pain
squatting with arthritis
The TRUTH About Your Arthritis Pain...The More You Know, The Better You Can Beat It
Total Value: OVER $597
What if you could finally be able to control your pain without relying on more pills and expensive procedures? Learn what is causing your arthritis pain that is unlike anything else you've been told before. 

This is the most powerful module that can open your eyes to what may be causing your pain! 
Get the full explanation about what your pain means; when to keep going and when to rest
Module #2 - Identify obstacles to pain relief
squatting with arthritis
Learn exactly what to focus on so you can stop spinning your wheels!
Total Value: $597
It can be so frustrating to see little to no pain relief even though you feel like you are doing everything right! But, what if you are focusing on the wrong things...
Learn a step-by-step process on how to tackle your pain so your joints can actually feel good
Module #3 - Master Movement
squatting with arthritis
Learn the best exercises to get stronger so you can stay active
Total Value: $597
Have you tried exercise and constantly feel like you are flaring up your pain or hurting yourself? I will tell you everything you need to know about which exercises you need to master if you have arthritis. No more guessing on which exercises to do. No more falling off the wagon too early!
See exactly what movements you should be doing
Module #4- Make Pain Relief Last
squatting with arthritis
Tired of pain coming back over and over? Learn how to make it last
Total Value: $597
If you feel like your pain continues to come back no matter what you try, you will learn how to make pain relief LAST. These strategies have helped hundreds of people learn how to overcome arthritis pain and get back to what they love doing. 
The pain relief strategies you will learn are life changing


  • ​A Complete Workout Calendar with 10 full length, follow along videos with me to keep you accountable by checking each day off. Exercises are arthritis friendly, of course! ($1500 value) Here's a sample below:
  • Supplement review and recommendation list so you can make sure you are taking the most quality supplements instead of those that aren't doing anything ($150 value)
  • Other pain relieving strategies that actually work. Now, you won't have to waste your time on things that don't work ($200 value)
  • Exclusive Movement Guide showing you which movements are safe and which movements you should be prioritizing, something healthcare professionals never tell you ($250 value)

PLUS....A FREE, Virtual Mini Session with me to discuss your plan and make sure you are on the RIGHT TRACK! 😍 (Over $200 value)

Think of all the money you could be saving if you found pain relief that lasts...you won't need:

  • MRIs and x-rays: $250+
  • ​ER and doctor visits for pain control: $500+ 
  • ​Cortisone shots and Synvisc injections: $75+
  • ​As many pain medications: $100+/month
  • ​Joint replacement surgery: $1500+
  • ​Arthroscopic surgery: $250+
  • ​The long list of medication side effects and surgery risks! 
  • ​Decreased risk for developing other chronic diseases- high blood pressure, diabetes, etc: Potentially thousands!

This course could pay for itself!

dr alyssa kuhn

What makes this Blueprint different than other arthritis programs?

We have a unique approach to arthritis pain relief based on extensive experience and up to date research. Instead of focusing on the things you can't do, we focus on the things you can. We view your arthritis simply as an obstacle you CAN overcome. It doesn't have to be a big scary cloud of doom!

This Blueprint shows you exactly how to open doors to possibilities of an active life again even with arthritis. Arthritis is life long but disabling pain doesn't have to be. 


Yours TODAY for over 90% off

EXCLUSIVE PRICING for only a few more days, you get $100 off!

Final price: ONLY $397 $297

Think about it, how much would having hope to take care of your family, make memories with those that matter most, and avoid surgery be worth to you?

hope for arthritis

Upon finishing this course, you will finally learn how to manage your knee, hip, and/or back pain and feel confident in your future while avoiding surgery through mindset, exercise, and more! 

Learn what has become possible with this arthritis adventurers

Jean overcame bone on bone pain in ways she didn't even know were possible and know is excited to exercise again!

Shauna tackled knee pain with enough confidence to return to skiing when her surgeon wanted to schedule a total knee replacement

Who is this Arthritis Adventure Blueprint For?!

  • Aspiring adventurers who want finally get moving again despite hip, knee or spine arthritis
  • Those who are motivated to become HEALTHY and FIT by taking the fast-track to learning the best ways to joint pain relief
  • Those who feel alone in this journey and are looking for support to finally find natural ways to cope with arthritis
  • ​Adventurers who have avoided exercise, gained unwanted weight but now are willing to learn new things to THRIVE with arthritis
  • ​Those who are newly diagnosed with knee, hip, or spine osteoarthritis and are looking for the next step

If you are feeling down, hopeless, or frustrated with your arthritis, I want to prove to you that you CAN do this. 

We can't put a price on how much your life can change once you get control over your osteoarthritis. You no longer have to worry about your future

You have the opportunity to gain confidence over this condition RIGHT NOW!

The longer you wait, the harder this journey will be.

Seriously, everyone I meet wishes they would've started this sooner!

Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
After following the specific course instructions for 30 days, if you are not satisfied, you can apply for a full refund. 
We want you to be happy with the results and fully stand behind this course.

You have nothing to lose here. Why not take a chance on yourself?

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STEP 3: Billing Address

Hi! I'm Alyssa and I have a passion for 
making adventures possible.

I am a doctor of physical therapy and an arthritis specialist. 
I live in Sandy, Utah and am always out on my bike, up in the mountains, or on skis! 
I truly think adventure can be so powerful in life- I know it is in mine. 

In the beginning of my career as a physical therapist I was primarily seeing patients after 
total knee and hip replacements. After seeing so many people going through the hard recovery, 
complications, and infections, I knew there had to be a different way. One woman 
ended up having SEVEN knee revisions on the same knee! That was the last straw.

Most of the people I saw after their surgeries had no idea there were any 
other options for arthritis treatment. This kickstarted my mission to spread the word 
about available options to help avoid surgery. Seeing one of my first clients go 
from knee osteoarthritis pain for 5 years to running with confidence changed their life, and mine! 
The doctor she saw was ready to schedule a surgery but she wanted to 
avoid it at all costs. Put in the work and now is THRIVING.

I met so many people who thought they had to give up their adventure for the 
rest of their lives because of this condition. Some have even moved out of 
their homes because they were afraid they wouldn't be able to do stairs! I am committed to 
showing you what is possible without surgery. I have shown hundreds of people change their lives 
and the way they think about arthritis. Now, it's your turn.

Arthritis is just an obstacle we have to learn to navigate around. I want to provide you with the 
resources to do so and with a positive way of thinking about it! My work has been featured all over and 
I can't wait to share it with you.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect from taking this course?
Upon finishing this course, you will be confident in understanding what arthritis is, how to view your pain, and the best exercise and diet regimens that keep inflammation at bay. In order to see the best results from this course you have to be committed to wanting pain relief. Consistency yields the best results. Your adventure will truly be alive if you follow this framework exactly. 

The goal of this course is not to completely get rid of all of your pain. Instead, the goal is to make sure you accomplish whatever you are set out to do, whether that's return to running, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, climbing stairs, playing with grandchildren- whatever makes you happy!

There is a disclaimer that everyone's body is different and will respond differently. With this course you will walk away with confidence that you can adventure and understand EVERYTHING you need to know in how to manage your arthritis pain naturally.
Who is this course best suited for?
This course is not for everyone. This course will bring the best results to those who are motivated to avoid surgery and heal arthritis pain naturally. Especially those with knee, hip, spine, ankle, and shoulder arthritis. 

If you have already had surgery, this course can help you understand how to better heal your joints. 

This course takes commitment and dedication to see results. Arthritis pain relief is not easy but man it can be rewarding once pain is no longer dictating your life. I will be here for you every step of the way.
My arthritis is bone on bone and I need surgery. Is this course good for me?
YES. If you are in this situation I highly recommend this course. The primary goal of all of this material is for you to have a better relationship with pain and think about your arthritis differently. 

Even if you are planning on surgery, this information can dramatically impact how you view your recovery and improve your results. Who knows, you may find out that you don't even need surgery :)

There was actually a study done that reported that of the people on the list to get a joint replacement, after going through an internet based program, at least 20% of them actually got OFF THE LIST.
I have rheumatoid arthritis, is this course for me?
Although this course is based on osteoarthritis, people with rheumatoid arthritis share some of the same thoughts on pain and goals for adventure. With rheumatoid arthritis there are a few extra considerations when looking at keeping your adventure alive. Feel free to email alyssa@keeptheadventurealive.com to find out if this course is for you!
How long will I have access to this course once I purchase?
You will have lifelong access to this course with the username and password you create once purchased. You can watch and re-watch videos as often as you like. Re-distribution and sharing of these videos is not allowed.
If I have hand arthritis, is this course for me?
If your hands are the primary joints that are limiting, this course can still be beneficial. When you have osteoarthritis you are prone to it spreading to other joints if you don't take the appropriate action. 

This course will show you the ins and outs of how to manage inflammation and decrease your risk of it spreading to other joints! 
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