Are you trying to get moving but struggling to find exercises that don't hurt your arthritic joints?
How amazing would it be to finally feel strong again? 
What if you could do everything you love doing again?
Kickstart your Arthritis Adventure in this 4 day challenge where you will learn exactly how to move without making your joints angry!

Did I mention it's totally FREE?
This Arthritis Adventure Challenge is for you if...

- You are tired of injuring yourself every time you try to exercise
- You feel like exercise has not worked for you in the past
- You want to avoid surgery for your osteoarthritis
- You are bone on bone and feel there is no hope
- You are ready to take action

Previous clients with osteoarthritis have been able to return to walking, hiking, biking, jumping, high intensity exercise and even skiing and running. Most of them were told they would never do these things again...

You will never know your true potential 
unless you give it a try

Arthritis pain relief is possible, even if you've 
been told surgery is the only way...

Learn the exact techniques to bring hope back into your life and regain confidence 
even if you are bone on bone or dealing with joint space narrowing and/or cartilage loss

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Easily complete these workouts at home, without any complicated equipment or machines! 
All you need are light to moderate weights and a chair

What can I expect in this Kickstart Your Arthritis 
Adventure Challenge?

4 days of follow-along movement and arthritis tips created by a physical therapist to help you learn proper form and new techniques to break through arthritis pain. These workouts will leave you feeling better than when you started, not worse. Check out the power these people have unlocked with the right movement!

If you would like to unlock the feelings of hope, strength, and confidence- come join us. Each of these four videos will include ways for you to get started on your own arthritis adventure. Your adventure is waiting.

Created by:
Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, DPT

Hi! I'm a physical therapist and arthritis specialist who is on a mission to show you that hope and adventure are possible, even with osteoarthritis!

My work can be found in:

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Kickstart your Arthritis Adventure Challenge
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